Entergy is committed to a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

We recognize that our customers increasingly have sustainability and climate goals and seek more renewable energy solutions. Generating electricity from renewable resources is playing an important role in the transformation to a cleaner energy future. Entergy is expanding its renewable energy solutions to serve our customers and communities across the Gulf South region.

Today, Entergy operates one of the cleanest large-scale power generating fleets in the nation. We are working toward a new?climate goal?to reduce our emission intensity by 50% from our 2000 level by 2030. Renewable energy resources are key to achieving our goal.

Entergy is also taking many actions to transform its utility generation to better meet customers’ needs, including pursuing additional cost-effective renewable energy opportunities and potential applications for distributed energy resources as technology and economics continue to improve.

Looking ahead, more renewable energy generation will be added to Entergy’s balanced energy mix. Investing in renewable energy helps improve grid reliability, protects the environment and supports the sustainability goals of our company and our customers.

The table below shows Entergy’s current and publicly announced renewable energy projects to date.

Entergy Renewable Generation Projects In Service or In Development as of 8/18/2020

Project Name Capacity (MW)1 Technology Type Operating Co. Location Commercial Operation Date
2019 ETI Solar RFP2 200 (targeted) Solar Owned or PPA ETI TX 2023 (targeted)
2020 ELL Solar RFP2 300 (targeted) Solar Owned or PPA ELL LA 2023 (targeted)
2019 EAL Solar RFP2 100 (targeted) Solar Owned EAL AR 2022 (targeted)
Walnut Bend Solar2 100 Solar Owned EAL AR 2022 (expected)
Iris Solar 50 Solar PPA ENOL LA 2021 (expected)
St. James Solar 20 Solar PPA ENOL LA 2021 (expected)
Sunflower County Solar 100 Solar Owned EML MS 2021 (expected)
Searcy Solar (+ Battery) 100 (30 MWh) Solar / Storage Owned EAL AR 2021 (expected)
Capital Region Solar 50 Solar PPA ELL LA 2020 (expected)
New Orleans Solar Station 20 Solar Owned ENOL LA 2020 (expected)
Chicot Solar 100 Solar PPA EAL AR 2020 (expected)
New Orleans Commercial Rooftop Solar 5 Solar Owned ENOL LA 2020 (expected)
South Alexander Solar 29.5 Solar PPA ELL LA 2020 (expected)
New Orleans Residential Rooftop Solar 0.5 Solar Owned ENOL LA 2020
ECO Services 6 Waste Heat PPA ELL LA 2019
Stuttgart Solar 81 Solar PPA EAL AR 2018
Brookhaven Solar 0.5 Solar Owned EML MS 2016
DeSoto Solar 0.5 Solar Owned EML MS 2016
Hinds Solar 0.5 Solar Owned EML MS 2016
New Orleans Solar Power Plant (+ Battery) 1 (500 kWh) Solar / Storage Owned ENOL LA 2016
Rain CII 31 Waste Heat PPA ELL LA 2013
Montauk 3 Biomass PPA ELL TX 2005
Vidalia Hydro 117 Hydro PPA ELL LA 1990
Agrilectric 9 Biomass PPA ELL LA 1984
Toledo Bend Hydro 40 Hydro PPA ELL TX 1969
Carpenter Hydro 62 Hydro Owned EAL AR 1932
Remmel Hydro 11 Hydro Owned EAL AR 1925
Total 1,536 ? ? ? ? ?

1 Entergy's portion, Installed Capacity (ICAP) based on summer net dependable capability.?
2 RFP resources are still in the RFP phase and have not yet been certified, therefore, the targeted MW and timing associated with these resources is subject to change.?

Entergy Operating Companies:
EAL - Entergy Arkansas, LLC
ELL - Entergy Louisiana, LLC
EML - Entergy Mississippi, LLC
ENOL - Entergy New Orleans, LLC
ETI - Entergy Texas, Inc.

MW - Megawatts
MWh - Megawatt hours
PPA - Purchase Power Agreement
RFP - Request For Proposal

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